Private Label service - Own Label Wine, Whisky & Gin

Updated: Apr 8, 2020


Discover the possibility of having your own beautifully created Private Label Collection of Wine & Spirits with your very own Label on the Bottle. Our Private Label Service produces your very own collection of high quality premium Wines & Spirits.

We love what we do. We really enjoy creating a beautiful, distinctly different product just for you. We work with many different organisations to supply them with their very own Limited Edition Collection of Sparkling Wines, Prosecco, Red Wines, White Wines, Rosé Wines, Gin and Whisky (and even Beers & Cider).

Each Bottle is be labelled with your very own unique Label designed by our innovative Design Team and these beautifully designed Bottles then often act as fantastic "Brand Ambassadors" for your organisation.

The benefit of working with us to create your own Private Label Collection is that we can supply you with small quantities of Wine & Spirits straight from the Cellar Doors here in The Winery.

celebrate & commemorate

We provide this service for organisations who want to celebrate and commemorate a Special Event. Often we create a collection to celebrate an Historic Event.  We curate collections of Wines & Spirits with your company's own branded Labels for that special occasion.


We work with a couple of fantastic Packaging Design companies who can provide Presentation Tubes or Presentation Boxes for Wines & Spirits if required.  We work with you to create the design and production of the packaging. 


Highland Single Malt LIMITED EDITION Scotch whisky 46% abc 70cl

Our Limited Edition, Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky has been matured in Oak Barrels.  It’s bright gold in colour with lovely notes of barley sugar sweetness, honey and seville orange.

It’s soft, integrated and balanced there are wonderful flavours of chocolate orange with the same rich barley and honey notes on the  nish with a touch of spice at the end. 


Our Own Label Whisky & Gin have been very popular with the Military Service and we work across all sectors of the Military to create Collections to commemorate significant Dates, Anniversaries and Annual Events. We have supplied many commemorative bottles to celebrate the lives of fellow servicemen. We would be very happy to talk through how we have created Labels for Bottles that "Tell a Story" of a "Significant Event" in Military History.

Would you like your own Private Label Gin?

We create different Gins for Corporate organisations wanting their very own Gin as a Corporate Gift for their Clients.

Our Gin is made from the aromatic Grapes grown here in the Vineyard on the Estate and blended with several different botanicals such as Tarragon, Basil, Cardamom, Cinnamon and Goji Berries, Angelica Root, English Coriander, Juniper Berries, dried Orange and Grapefruit peel. 

We also incorporate the delicious Honey made from the beehives here on the Estate as well as our own Lavender, Rosemary, Elderflower & Heather to create our unique recipe.

Our Gin is produced in small batches, very limited quantities, beautifully crafted and made from the wild foraged ingredients discovered here on the Estate. We have several different Gins that we can supply with your own Label.