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An exquisite Speyside dram, aged 18 years for a stunning flavour


Rich, complex fruitiness born in the region of Speyside.

Following the passion for our 12 year old we decided we needed to have another Whisky in the collection, bringing a different expression. Our 18 year old conforms to a style renowned in its region, fruity, aromatic and sherried. This is a fantastic Whisky!

Tasting Notes

Kenton Park Estate XVII

46% ABV - A deep honey coloured Whisky from the region of Speyside in Scotland, rich in complex fruitiness.

On the nose - A wonderful combination of sherried peaches combined with vanilla, green apple and hints of freshly chopped wood from the forest.

On the palate - Warming sherry notes, with tantalising hints of vanilla followed with a mulled spice and fresh citrus notes such as green apple and pear.

Finished to Excellence

Allowed to mature and develop for 18 years this Whisky is a beautiful expression.

Our 18 year old is allowed to sit in ex-Bourbon Barrels for up to 16 years, all the while developing flavours, moulding into a beautiful drink. Finally it is finished for 2 years in sherry casks, imparting phenomenal sherry notes and a bold vibrant and aromatic fruitiness.


46% ABV

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