Vineyard Dogs

We are huge fans of german short haired pointers ....

Winemakers love Dogs .... Wherever Wine is made, you’re likely to find a loyal canine snoozing in the Wine Cellar, roaming the Vineyard or guarding the Tasting Room – and here at Kenton Park Estate we have our own Wine Dog beauties otherwise known as "Saffie" and "Indie".

Their characters have been captured on our Sparkling Rosé Reserve Wine Label "Gun Dog Escape".


It’s a known fact that behind every great Winemaker sits a loyal hound or two and soon to be three!

Interview with "Saffie"

Pet Hate: Indie

Obsession: Chasing Squirrels

Favourite Food: Crisps at the Pub

Naughtiest Deed: Always making sure that Indie

gets blamed for everything

Favourite Toy: My squeaky hamburger

Interview with "Indie"

Pet Hate: Water Bowls - I always trip over them

Obsession: Food! Food! Food!

Favourite Food: Roast Chicken

Naughtiest Deed: Squashing Saffie into a corner

in the back of the Land Rover every day

Favourite Toy: I don't like Toys, I just like to

steal everyone else's.

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