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Come and see our animals

Say hello to the animals on your next visit!

The family farm is a little bit of a mad house, home to some amazing animals including rare breed sheep, pygmy goats, runner ducks, chickens as well as all the wild pheasants roaming around. And who knows what the next addition to the Motley Cru family will be...

Come and visit the animals next time you're here, ask any of the team members in the cafe bar and they'll direct you to where you can go and say hello. 

We also meet all of our animals on any one of our tours... click below to see our tour options.


Valais Black Nose Sheep 

The Wooly Cru

Here on the Estate we have a Breeding Programme for this rare breed. These Sheep have a lovely, gentle nature & a very distinctive appearance with their curly fleece & very dark black faces, so dark that you cannot see their eyes, with black circular patches on their legs.

The sheep are sheared twice a year and their fleeces sent to the Natural Fibre Company to be transformed into wool to create a collection of accessories. Their extra soft fleece will also be used as protective packaging for the Estate’s Sparkling Wine. Wool has amazing insulation properties and also protects the bottles from breakages during transit to customers. So don't be surprised to open your case of wine and find the fleece fibres tucked around each bottle inside.

Cheeky Goats

Mischief, Mayhem. 

Our infamous Pygmy Goats are well known for causing mischief, not least ruling the sheep paddock, despite their size they can often be seen pestering the sheep. They absolutely love to come and say hello, especially after a tour where don't be surprised if they've hatched a plan to steal any left over drinks!

IMG_5408 2.jpg

Chickens and Ducks

Free to roam wherever they please.

The Estate is also home to several Coo Coo Muran chickens and Indian Runner Ducks. They are free to roam the Estate and you'll very likely see them up around the cafe bar searching for a free drink and something to nibble... Our favourite thing to watch is the chickens jumping up to steal the grapes from the vines its a sight to behold! 

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