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Whisky - a new venture into the Highlands

Introducing Our limited edition highland single malt scotch whisky - aged xii years

Our Love Affair with Whisky .... how it all began.

It all started when we were approached in the Summer of 2019 by a large organisation here in the U.K. who wanted us to source a Whisky especially for them. We were bemused by the request, but they had seen our quirky, quintessentially British Wine, Gin, Beer & Cider Labels which truly capture the fun spirit of Kenton Park Estate and feature the humorous antics of our Pheasants as they run wild around the grounds.

Tell a story ....

They were so impressed with our Labels that they wanted us to create a collection for them which would "Tell a Story" and commemorate a Special Event that takes place every year.

Limited Edition Collection

So our in-house Design Team got to work on creating a unique design of Labels for their Limited Edition Collection to include Red Wine, White Wine, English Sparkling Wine and Whisky.

Each label "Tells the Story" of a unique, extreme Challenge that participants complete. There are 4 extreme Challenges in total which each take place in a special location and these locations have each been beautifully captured on the Labels. The Bottles are awarded to those individuals who successfully complete these extreme challenges over a 12 month time period as a way of recognising and commemorating the Challenge. These participants then go on to become part of an elite group of Extreme Leaders in their organisation.

So after a considerable amount of time spent researching and testing Whisky (a very enjoyable process), we were fortunate to find a wonderful Whisky Distillery in the Scottish Highlands who could work with us to supply small quantities of their 12 Year Old, Limited Edition Whisky.

Our original brief was to supply 30 Bottles of Whisky. In fact, it wasn't long before this order doubled to 60 Bottles and beyond.

So having discovered this fantastic Whisky on behalf of our corporate client, we thought we should also have some Whisky for ourselves to expand our overall offering of Wines & Spirits and so Kenton Park Estate's very own Whisky brand came to life.

46% ABV 70cl​


Our distinctive embossed metallic silver label makes this Bottle of Whisky really stand out amongst our collection and whilst we are well known for our humorous "Cartoon-style" Labels, this one is a little more serious than our usual quirky, quintessentially British Labels as it features our Family Crest.

Our Whisky has been matured in Oak Barrels. It's a rich bright golden colour with lovely notes of Barley Sugar sweetness, Honey & Seville Orange.

Soft, integrated and balanced, there are wonderful flavours of Chocolate Orange with the same rich Barley and Honey notes on the finish, with a touch of Spice at the end. Wow ... it's good!

whisky cocktails

Estate Manager Ben, who heads up The Motley Cru Team here, and also happens to be a fully trained Bartender (with the European Bartender School), is thrilled with the addition of our own Whisky to The Motley Cru Bar as he enjoys nothing more than flexing his muscles and demonstrating his very impressive Cocktail making and Flair skills when creating a Whisky Cocktail on a Friday night here in the Bar as can be seen over on our instagram pages @Kenton_Park_Estate.

Recipe for Whisky & Amarula Cocktail

40 ml of Whisky

20 ml of Amarula

20 ml of Espresso Coffee

Ice Cubes

1 x Cinnamon Stick

• Fill a Cocktail Shaker with ice cubes. Add all ingredients. Shake and strain into a glass. Prepare the espresso coffee beforehand and let it chill. That will help to minimize the dilution, make your drink colder and even tastier! • When shaking: Remember to wake the drink to life, do not rock it to bed. That will also improve the frothy foam on top of your final drink. • When straining: Make sure to pour the drink swiftly from your shaker. That will help getting all that beautiful foam out and land on top of your drink. Garnish with 3 Coffee Beans and a cinnamon stick (optional).

Our Whisky is part of our "reconnecting with your wild side" series

Everything we create is themed around enjoying "Life in the Outdoors" with our WINE in the WILD Experiences, and our LIFE on the WILD side Wine Safari Tours as we want to inspire you to enjoy a "style of life" that celebrates some of the incredible timeless traditions.

Our mission is to inspire you to rediscover and reconnect with your WILD side. It aims to encourage you to rediscover the joy of taking time out to share Adventures & Outdoor Experiences with Family & Friends.

Many Adventures & Outdoor Experiences are celebrated with Wine ..... and being an English Vineyard we have no shortage of Wine & Sparkling Wine as well as our own Artisan Gin, Beer & Cider and now a fantastic Whisky to be enjoyed at the end of any Adventure Experience.

As you read through this Blog, we hope it will immerse your senses ... so that you can almost hear the crackle of that Log Fire on the Beach and the sound of those waves crashing and imagine the taste of that glass of 'something special' after an exhilarating day of Adventure shared with Family & Friends.


Let us help you to have FUN and Reconnect with your WILD side.

Please do contact us & come to visit us at The Motley Cru HQ and enjoy a Tour of the Estate, The Winery & Vineyard.

As a result of this exciting project, we have now established a Private Label Business to create unique Wine Collections for other corporate organisations (to find out more pease contact us at The Estate Office on 00 44 1626 682401 or

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