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There’s something magical in the essence of Pine Needles

Explore some wonderful Walking Trails with fabulous views of the South West Coast of England whilst unleashing the power of “Creative Thinking”.

I cannot walk our Dogs around the Forest Trails on the Ridge above our Vineyard without having to stop to frantically write notes and capture ideas on my iPhone that will suddenly burst into my head, such as ideas for the design of a new Wine Label.

When I'm not working on the Estate or managing the Vineyard, I love to explore the Forest Trails nearby whilst exercising our "Vineyard Dogs" and I enjoy the calm & tranquility of the Trails.

Many other Dog Walkers, Runners, Riders and Trail Blazers have seen me standing still on the path (Oops ...Sorry! I just have to capture every thought).

I’ve met many Deer who have come skidding around the corner of a Forest track only to come to a rapid halt when they see me standing in the path ferociously tapping away on my phone!

No .... I’m not using Social Media ...... No I’m not texting friends or relatives, I’m simply trying to capture the ideas that suddenly burst forth in my head.

Many years ago, I tried one of those Relaxation Flotation Tanks where your body floats weightlessly in the salty water inside a lovely warm tank. It’s wasn’t relaxing for me at all and I hammered on the wall of the tank to let me out as I had to get out and write down all the ideas that were tumbling around in my head.

It’s the same the minute I start walking around the Forests up at Mamhead and Haldon (just outside of Exeter) and I can so easily lose track of time and my dogs (only joking!).  They have become so used to me stopping in my tracks to write something down and they stand by patiently, happy in the knowledge that their walk is being extended.

So what sort of creative ideas do I generate when I am out walking in the Forest ....

  • I have designed all of our Wine Labels ...

  • I have briefed the Team back at the office on many Interior Design projects

  • I’ve written many Blogs

  • I’ve come up with names for our Drink brands 

  • I have written the outline of a Book and it’s chapters 

  • I’ve developed ideas for Diversification for our Farm 

  • I have bombarded my son (who works with me in the business) with ideas for Wine Adventures (“WINE in the WILD”).

  • I’ve developed a Beauty Range from our Pinot Noir grapes and designed the packaging 

  • I’ve established a Wine Academy 

  • I’ve designed our Web Site 

  • I’ve written another Blog as I’m walking 

  • I’ve listened to numerous Podcasts which them stimulate further ideas.

Walking around the Forest is a complete joy!

So my membership to the Forestry Commission for just £30 a year which enables me to park the car, exercise my dogs, develop hundreds of creative ideas and at the same time keeping me fit and healthy walking in the Forest every day for 2 hours is very well worth the money!

It’s the best business investment I have ever made apart from the purchase of my iPhone. 

So having spent the past 8 years exploring many different Walking Routes in our beautiful landscape here in Devon, we now offer "Fizz on Foot" Walking Tours for Groups visiting Devon who would like to experience the best of what Devon has to offer.

What we’ll do

Guests meet us here at Kenton Park Estate, in our Winery Building which is situated in the heart of our Vineyard. We have a Coffee & Cocktail Bar, "The Motley Cru Bar" where we meet guests for Coffee & Cake and we have a discussion on the Walking Routes that we offer.

We then jump into the Estate’s Land Rover Defender’s and head off to the start of the Walking route. The length of Tours can vary, depending on your needs, anything from 1-3 hours length.

We Walk & Talk - share our experience of how we took the leap to set up a Vineyard without any prior experience.

We hope to inspire guests that anything is possible if you set you mind to it We explain how we use the Walking Time to think about specific projects, how to brainstorm a list of actions to help us achieve a project and how we use the time walking to run different aspects of our business.

After an invigorating Walk, we head back to the Vineyard for several glasses of our very own "Kenton Fizz" - our English Sparkling Wines for you to enjoy. Depending on the length of the Walking Tour, we often fill Hamper Baskets with our Wines & a Picnic to enjoy from the Boot of the Land Rover t the end of the Walking Route.


No specialist equipment is required although guests might like to bring their own Walking Boots, Trainers or Wellington Boots

What to bring

Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

Walking Boots - Wellington Boots, Trainers or Walking Boots

Hat (in case it's cold)

Gloves (in case it's cold)

To Book: Simply email us at

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