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the motley cru at the end of the summer season

Wow! What a season it’s been…we may be almost clean out of cider but we’re certainly not out of ideas.

Our 2022 Summer Season has proven even bigger and better than previous years and we are now looking to start picking our grapes for this year’s Vintage. We have been keeping a close eye on the sugar levels in all of our plantations and can finally offer up some dates:

  • our Solaris plantation will be the first to be ready as ever on the 16th of September

  • Reichensteiner and Pinotin should be ready around the 19th-20th of September

  • Bacchus on the 23rd and

  • Pinot Noir and Chardonnay around the 3rd of October.

These are of course rough dates- they might change by a day or two either way but this is as accurate a picture as we can get at the moment. If you are available to come and lend a hand your help would be much appreciated! We’ll provide you with coffee and cakes in the morning to get you going (free of charge of course) then a nice big lunch once we’re done in the afternoon! If you’re available please RSVP via the website or send us a quick email and we’ll add you to the list.

We have also got a few events coming up to round off the season…we’re looking forward to hosting a few big birthday parties throughout September. We have our Vineyard Cinema Night on the 17th of September starting from 7pm…don’t miss out on that (tickets available on our website) and of course Grape Stompers Festival to round off the year on the 1st of October- our last day of the summer season, be sure to get your tickets now!

Come along and party with The Motley Cru before we close up for a couple of months (Meg needs a lie down)…then be sure not to miss out on our Winter Wonderland in December, get your bookings in now!

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