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The Story of our 100% pure Wild Flower Honey produced by "The Bee Cru" at Kenton Park Estate ....

Our Honey Bee Hives sit in a beautiful secluded spot next to the Estate’s Herb Garden overlooking the Lake. They share their space with our Pheasants, Partridges and our quirky little Indian Runner Ducks who are frequently seen being chased around the Lake by our naughty Vineyard Dogs.

foraging in the estate's gin herb garden

The Bees enjoy heading out on their Foraging Trips for Nectar in and out of the Botanical Herbs grown in the Gin Garden here (Lavender, Rosemary, Fennel & many other Herbs) distilled to create the Estate’s unique Artisan Gins (Cheeky Ginny, Smokin Ginny & Ginger Ginny).

foraging for nectar in the vineyard

The Bees love to travel a little further to the Vineyard where they forage for more Nectar amongst the hundreds of Lavender, Alliums & wild Grass plants that border each of the different Grape Plantations.

foraging in the apple orchard

From there they head to the Apple Orchard which produces the Estate’s Sparkling Cider. Its a visual feast of Mediterranean plants with stunning purple Verbenas in the border between the Orchard & the Vineyard where they can forage for hours.

the bee cru

With tummies full of Nectar, the Bees head back to the Hives to be greeted by the rest of “The Bee Cru” to begin the Honey making process.

Our Bees couldn’t be happier and are thriving here at Kenton Park Estate!

Enjoy our delicious and highly nutritious Honey full of antioxidants. You can buy Jars of our Honey from our on-line store.

Nutrition from the Wild!

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