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Keep calm and Cheeky Fizz…

3 Reasons you need a bottle of Cheeky Fizz:

Motley Mishaps Edition.

A lot of you will be familiar with the term “The Motley Cru” by now and how it relates to us as a family business. If you’re not, here’s a quick summary. “The Motley Cru” came about when we first replanted the vineyard back in 2018. We got together a group of my friends from rugby as well as the whole family to help plant the vineyard, none of us with any prior experience in the industry - not your typical origin story. Nonetheless, this plucky but undoubtedly naive group got to work. As you can imagine we were, being of all different shapes, sizes and backgrounds an interesting band of people and not your average vineyard team. Henceforth, we became known as a proper “motley crew” which we then adapted into “The Motley Cru” that you all know today.

Now when you run a family business, things go wrong… often and always at the worst conceivable time. We like to call these… “Motley Mishaps” and all have one thing in common, the only way you get through them is with a glass, or if the mishap requires.. a bottle of something to laugh about it with. For situations like these, there’s one drink in particular that we all like to call on and that’s our Cheeky Fizz. Instead of “Keep Calm and carry on” it’s “Keep calm and Cheeky Fizz.” We’re not alone in the mishap department, you’ll all have your own at home so here are 3 reasons, through examples of our own “Motley Mishaps”, why you need a bottle of Cheeky Fizz on standby this year!

1. For when the kitchen floods for the umpteenth time and you’re furiously trying to mop away the water mid-service. Or perhaps right before you’re interviewing someone for a job, a pipe bursts and floods the whole building - as it turns out it’s a foolproof way to entice someone into joining the team, (cheers to you Toby). Or when one of your friends, helping you out on a shift forgets to put the lid on the blender and proceeds to blast mango daiquiri all over the kitchen… don’t panic, “Keep Calm and Cheeky Fizz.”

2. For the times when all is going well, too well as it turns out and all of a sudden your guests are plunged into darkness and the kitchen service grinds to a halt as a result of the latest in a string of untimely power cuts. Bring out the candles, pop a few corks, crank the music up a notch and “Keep Calm and Cheeky Fizz.”

3. For when you’re running your very first paddle boarding adventure for a group and out of nowhere glorious sunshine evaporates into thunderous winds and rain. You’re forced to abandon the tour halfway through and attempt to paddle back upriver, into the wind and current whilst towing your poor guests - (not an easy task believe me).

You break 2 paddles in the process and resort to lying belly down paddling for all your might to reach the side of the estuary, which to top it all off is knee-thick mud and 1/2 mile away from the car and pickup point. In a desperate attempt to salvage the situation you run, absolutely shattered and head to toe in thick, viscous mud the remaining 1/2 a mile to the car to bring back and pick up the now sodden rather dishevelled group - what any passerby must have thought, goodness knows!

Despite all that, what brings us all together at the end and has us gasping for air from laughter at the whole thing… ? A bottle of Cheeky Fizz!

So the morale of the story folks, if you haven’t got it already, is very simple. It goes like this. “KEEP CALM AND CHEEKY FIZZ.”

After all that Cheeky Fizz talk, I don’t know about you but I’m thirsty. I’m lucky I’ve got a bottle right next to me, but for those of you reading this, here’s a little treat just for you… 10% OFF all Cheeky Fizz orders, using the coupon code: MOTLEYMISHAPS. (Valid until Saturday.)

Until next time, cheers!

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