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As a huge Fan of Formula One, I've been found glued to the big screen throughout this month on more than one occasion in between everything that's been going on here on the Estate and it certainly feels as though April has flown by faster than a Formula One Car in a Grand Prix ...... it's hard to know where to begin?


We could start with the day Mum and I decided to build a Duck House. We laboured for hours over this thing as not being the most practical of people when it comes to building things, we had to take it apart several times before we eventually got it right.

That night 3 of our 4 Runner Ducks slept in the house, the 4th who had a "done a runner"and was left to fend for herself for the night as she refused to play ball with me.

The next morning, we found her back in the stables. Since then she seems to have told the others that that is the ONLY place to sleep and so every day at around 6 pm they all waddle out of the Lake, waddle around the corner and congregate outside the stable doors... so much for the Duck House!

As is to be expected with Mum now, it came as no surprise when she came home one weekend with 4 Cou Cou Maran chickens. I do wonder where it stops, it seems she brings back a new animal every weekend, soon we'll have our very own Zoo here.

The chickens are proving to be a firm favourite, however, and it was very cool to have our first eggs for breakfast. They produce deep chocolate brown eggs. These chickens are going to be put to good use fuelling my Training schedule in readiness for rugby next season starting in July.

Speaking of Rugby, we rounded off another great season over the weekend. We didn't finish where we wanted too but that doesn't detract from all the hard work we've put in and we capped it off with a brilliant social event.


Without a doubt, the biggest thing to happen this month came on Easter Sunday no less.

The morning started out like any other with one major twist. We happened to be walking past the sheep field where our Valais Blacknose Sheep were busy grazing and thought we saw what looked like a little head sitting next to "Frankie" one of our Ewes. This couldn't be possible we thought ... but on a second inspection our suspicions were confirmed, there was indeed a baby Lamb snuggled in next to Frankie.

We had our very own Easter miracle! I honestly couldn't quite believe that Frankie had given birth, it was amazing, part of me feels like a Dad.

We decided to call the Lamb "Little Gem" and she's certainly won all of our hearts in just a matter of days.

As it turns out "Fenella" is also pregnant so we're now waiting rather impatiently for her to give birth too. We have created a makeshift "Maternity Ward" in the stables and we are all taking our turn at staying up through the night with her in 3-hour shifts. I'm not sure how much longer we can wait as these long nights are taking their toll!

We're all a little in disbelief that the infamous 'Kenton' (the Valais Blacknose Ram we borrowed from November to January) actually managed to get the job done, seeing as he decided to vault the fence after just 2 days of his arrival and spent the next 8 weeks in the neighbouring field with a 100 other ewes of a completely different breed ... thank god they were pregnant already! But he had obviously done want he needed to do and went on to explore pastures new! We are exceedingly grateful to him as "Little Gem" is a stunningly beautiful little Lamb.


In terms of activities in the Vineyard, this month we've been busy weeding, the Vines have begun to bud which is fantastic but with the warmer weather also comes a jungle of weeds to manage.

We've also spread a fertiliser rich in nutrients across the whole Vineyard site that will help the vines on their way. We had fun learning how to calibrate another new piece of Vineyard Machinery - the new Fertiliser Spreader.

We've also planted some extra Vines and also put down spread Grass Seed up and down the alleyways in between each Vine Row and all around he edges in an attempt to keep the weeds at bay a little and also make the Vineyard look fantastic!


In other exciting news, we were very privileged recently to supply our Sparkling Wines at the St. George's Day Club Annual Luncheon at the Grosvenor Hotel, on London's Park Lane.

The Club aims to uphold England and everything it stands for, speaking out for England and recognises the individuals and organisations that have served and are serving England.

It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase English Sparkling Wine and its growth over the last few years as well as a real celebration of English heritage.

HMS Victory

What's even cooler is we may get to supply future events held on HMS Victory... now that is certainly right up my street!


Furthermore, we have our Pygmy Goats on the way (arriving in June) as well as some lovely Tamworth pigs so the Motley Cru Farmyard is well and truly underway. Very much looking forward to the many adventures to be had with the pigs, if the sheep are anything to go by then we're in for a treat!

Until next time, Cheers.

The Team at Kenton Park Estate.

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