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Motley SPIRIT Candle

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Capturing the Essence of Kenton Park Estate in the fragrance of a Candle.

We’ve developed a collection of Fragrances for you to take away with you to remind you of your experiences here at Kenton Park Estate with The Motley Cru.

It's a luxurious collection of Artisan Candles with four different fragrances so that each time you light one of our Candles, the scent of the fragrance instantly transports you back to memories of the time you spent here.

We’ve created ‘Motley SPIRIT’ ... a fragrance that captures the Fun Spirit here at our Wine Estate with The Motley Cru. We’ve combined Orange with Lemon, Lime, Tangerine and Bergamot to create this amazing Citrus fragranced Candle.

We have created ‘Motley LIFE’ ... a fragrance that captures the essence of our ‘Taste of the Mediterranean’ Dining Experience you enjoy when you dine with us here. Vibrant, fresh & zesty. We’ve combined Pomelo, Grapefruit, Orange, zingy tart Rhubarb, juicy Nectarine, Watermelon & Jasmine to create a very sophisticated fragrance.

We also have ‘Motley MAGIC’ ... we like to think we create a little Magic here for everyone, so this fragrance is a very unique combination, almost mysterious. we've created a unique blend of Lavender & Clary Sage Essential Oils and subtle Musk & Moss oils. There are also hints of Bergamot, Vetiver & Cedarwood along with Dead Sea Minerals. It's a very elegant fragrance.

And finally ‘Motley EVERYDAY’ ... our pure Lavender Oil fragrance to remind you of the incredible scent from the thousands of Lavenders we grow here that make you feel as though you are somewhere in Provence. It's pure Lavender. Heavenly.

So to remind you of your experience and your Wine Adventures with us, you can buy our Candles here On-Line or when you visit us here at Kenton Park Estate.

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