Wine safaris

The Motley Cru Wine Safaris provide an exciting and  immersive experience, different to other Wine Tours. 
Safaris start with Coffee & Amarula on the Deck of the Winery overlooking the Vines.


No. 1 - Sparkling Wines

We start the Safari exploring the Vineyard Plantations where Guests try our Sparkling Wines served from
Champagne Baths.
Next we head to "The Feeding Grounds where a BBQ awaits or the Chef’s "Special of the Day", you’ll also get to enjoy you favourite bottle of fizz from the ones we tried. 

No. 2 + 3 - Cider + Beer

We then explore the Orchard with "Pop up" Bar & taste our chilled "HARD CORE" Sparkling Cider alongside our Band of Brothers Beer. 

No. 4- GIN

Next it's on to the Gin Botanical Garden to taste
"CHEEKY GINNY" Gin made with Botanicals grown 
on the Estate and you can enjoy adding your own Botanicals to enhance the flavour.

No. 5 - Whisky 
Finally, into the Winery for Sundowners on the Deck with our Kenton Park Estate Single Malt Whisky.
Price £75 per person
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