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Our Olive Oil


"Liquid Gold" 

We have a great passion for Olive Trees and have many here on the Estate. You can enjoy sitting on the decked terrace outside the Winery Building surrounded by our giant Olive Trees sampling this incredible olive oil with some delicious artisan bread.


Having discovered our Italian Olive Farm in Puglia where the most delicious natural Olive Oil is made, we wanted to share it with everyone. We call it "LIQUID GOLD" because of the huge health benefits associated with olive oil. 

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Our Olive Oil is extra virgin olive oil which means that is has not undergone any treatment other than washing, decantation, centrifugation and filtration. 


Harvesting of the olives takes place once a year. October is the magical month when the first olives are detached from the trees. It all happens in a matter of weeks. There is no time to rest, as once the olives are ready, they need to be picked from the branches and pressed locally within a few hours. This is why this product is so special.


"Roger" is the Pheasant character who heads up our "Liquid Gold" Olive Oil Brand - the perfect Pheasant Gent who loves his olives served with a splash of Martini whilst reclining under the twisted old boughs of the Olive Trees here on the Estate which stand in giant old oak barrels outside

the Winery Building.

He's the largest of all of our pheasants and has an air of smoothness and sophistication about him. "Roger" and "Liquid Gold" is one of our favourite illustrations so far in the collection as Bryn Parry (our cartoonist) has truly captured the viscosity and luminescence of our

beautiful Olive Oil. Click here to buy.

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