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Wine Box Delivery Service to "Lift your Spirits" ....

Create your own Wine Box

We will happily provide a free Delivery Service to deliver any orders for Wines, Sparkling Wines, Gin, Whisky, Beer & Cider to lift your Spirits over the next few months. Keeping up your Spirits is essential in times like these. Being able to share a Bottle of Wine with your Family is one of the simple pleasures of Life.

lift your Spirits ...

We will happily put together a "Lift your Spirits" Box for you from the Collection we have here in the Cellar of The Winery Building at Kenton Park Estate. Simply call us to let us know what you would like in your Box (01626 682401). We have the following in stock and ready to deliver to you (no charge for Delivery):

ENGLISH SPARKLING WINES  The Motley Cru Classic Cuveé (£35) Gun Dog Escape Sparkling Rose Reserve (£35) Flying Circus Blanc de Blanc (£35) *Trio of Sparkling Wines (£95) WINES

"Flying Start" (£14.95) - Australian Shiraz "Grape Escape" (£14.95) - Australian Chardonnay

"WINE in the WILD" (£14.95) - Chilean Merlot "Grape Thief" (£14.95) - Italian Pinot Grigio Rosé


Our very own "Cheeky Ginny" Artisan Gin (£48) Delivered with sprigs of fresh Rosemary WHISKY

Kenton Park Estate Single Malt Scotch Whisky AGED XII Years (£55) CIDER HARDCORE Sparkling Cider - Case of 12 (£36) BEERS The Motley Brew Case of 12 (£36) Band of Brothers Case of 12 (£36) Please call us on 01626 682401 or email

Deliveries by Max ....

Click here for a guided Tour of our Tasting Room with Max ....guaranteed to make you smile.

Max is loving his new role delivering Wine Boxes all over Devon ...

We thank you all for your support in these difficult times, and can’t wait to open some bottles with you all when this is over. Above all, let's be kind, let's be thoughtful and let's be safe!

Love from all of The Motley Cru Team here at Kenton Park Estate xxxx

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