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An intro to mixology

Gin tasting with a difference

We have a passion for cocktails here at Kenton Park Estate, one of the highlights of the year is opening up the bar for our Friday night pizza and cocktails! 

We thought why not incorporate our passion for cocktails with our tours using the fantastic products we have and learning to make some of our absolute favourites that we serve in the Motley Cru Bar...

£65 per person.

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Cheeky Ginny 

Anyone for a Cheeky G&T?

We'll first of all try our Cheeky Ginny in the herb garden where we grow some of the botanicals used in the Gin. You'll have the chance to kick things off, with a Cheeky G&T garnished with fresh botanicals straight from the herb garden. 

Smokin Ginny

Gin like you've not experienced before.

We'll then head into our stunning barrel room to try our Smokin Ginny. Your preconceptions of what Gin should taste like will be brushed aside as Smokin Ginny marinades complex botanical flavours with soft wisps of smoke, a combination that shouldn't work but it does.

IMG_0107 2.JPG


Learn to craft beautiful cocktails and have a laugh doing it. 

Now for the fun part, using both Cheeky Ginny and Smokin Ginny, you'll learn how to make some of our absolute favourite Gin cocktails that we serve here in the Motley Cru Bar. 

You'll learn the principles of mixology, combining ingredients to create a good cocktail, the basics of cocktail preparation, using several different techniques and you'll even learn a little flair bartending, which is always fun to watch, cocktail shakers and ice being thrown around never fails to amuse.

A few examples:

Motley Cru Cocktail

Ginny's Guilty pleasure


  • 2 oz Smokin Ginny

  • 1 oz Grand Marnier

  • 1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice

  • Egg white

  • 3/4 oz Maple Syrup


Motley Cru Cocktail

Remy's Last flight


  • 1 1/2 oz Cheeky Ginny

  • 1/2 Maraschino liqueur

  • 1/4 oz crème de violette

  • 1/2 oz Fresh lemon Juice. 


Here's a little taster

Intro to mixology...

Intro to mixology...

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