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Rediscover & Reconnect with your Creative side 
Saturday 19th June
Saturday 25th June
Discover the Joy of Experimenting with Resin.


What is Resin Art ... Many of you have been to The Motley Cru Winery Bar here at Kenton Park Estate recently & have been "wowed" by the Contemporary Resin Art pieces we have here in the Bar - the beautiful Cheese Sharing Boards, the Wine Coasters, our stunning Giant Resin Clock above the Bar, our Resin Food Platters all made by talented Artist Milena McLellan.  

Milena certainly creates a "Touch of Magic" here in the Vineyard Kitchen every day with her delicious "Dish of the Day" and when not working here, Milena's other passion is creating beautiful "Resin Art" accessories for the Home. Resin is an incredible way to add colour & interest to the interior of your Home.

Due to many requests and much nagging from The Motley Cru Team, Milena is now hosting One-Day Workshops here in The Winery Building. These Workshops will offer everyone the opportunity to explore how you can use Epoxy Resin to create beautiful unique pieces for your Home or as Gifts for your Friends & Family - the possibilities are endless!


When Milena brought in the "Surf Board" Cheese Board design she had created (shown in the images here), we all went WILD with excitement and several Customers ordered them that same day.

So come and see what all the fuss is about! 

Experimenting with Resin Art is a wonderful way to REDISCOVER and RECONNECT with your Creative side.

Meet for Coffee & Cake in The Winery at 10.30 am.

The Workshop will introduce you to different Techniques for Resin and will teach you how to experiment with colours and create magical effects on your chosen pieces. You don't need to bring anything with you, everything will be provided.


Lunch will be available for you to enjoy outdoors on the Deck overlooking the Vines. Being a Vineyard, there is no shortage of Wine for you to enjoy with Lunch or at the end of the day!


Each piece you create will be ready in 24 hours and can be posted to you. The Workshop will end at 4.00 pm and you are very welcome to enjoy a stroll around the Vineyard afterwards.

Price per person - £75


To Book please drop us an email - Book now!

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