Introducing ARTISAN SPARKLING Cider ....
"HardCore Cider" 

2018 Vintage of Sparkling Cider


Our golden sparkling Cider is made from Apples grown, picked, fermented & bottled here in the Winery at Kenton Park Estate surrounded by the glorious Devon Countryside – a truly outstanding area of natural beauty….


The Story of our Cider….


Following a rugby injury and broken bones in his hand, our Estate Manager Ben was forced to wear a plaster cast for 6 weeks - torture for a professional rugby player! 

During an afternoon at home whilst recovering and feeling frustrated, Ben was aimlessly kicking a ball around outside when he stumbled into the old apple orchard on the Estate and was amazed at the number of apples lying on the ground. The Family had moved to the Estate six months earlier whilst Ben had been travelling around Asia & he wasn’t aware of the Orchard. 


Ben suddenly hit upon the idea to see if he could find a mobile apple pressing company to press the apples and he started filling as many containers as possible - a lengthy process when you've only got one arm!  It took him over a week to collect all the apples. However help was at hand in the form of Ben's infamous younger brother, Josh, also a rugby player who coincidentally was also at home that exact same week recovering from concussion during a match. So the brothers teamed up to work together whilst Ben hatched his plans to make cider for the Estate.


Left to ferment for several months, the resulting golden sparkling cider has been created and the brand "HARDCORE Cider" came to life, based on the humorous antics of our Pheasants, who roam freely around the Estate and have been captured as illustrations. They have become the Brand Ambassadors for Kenton Park Estate including “Remy" our Cider Pheasant. Click here to buy.

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