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Sundowners Cider

Deliciously light and refreshing...

Our golden Sparkling Cider is made from Apples grown here in the Orchard at Kenton Park Estate surrounded by the glorious Devon Countryside – a truly outstanding area of natural beauty….

The Story

Not your normal conception...

Following a Rugby injury and broken bones in his hand, our Estate Manager and member of the family, Ben was sidelined for 8 weeks.  

During an afternoon recovering at home and aimlessly kicking a Rugby ball around outside, Ben suddenly stumbled upon the old Orchard on the Estate and was amazed to see that we actually had apples growing there, we'd been so wrapped up in the planting of the vineyard up until then that the orchard had gone un noticed. 


And so we suddenly had the idea to create a cider. We wanted to create something simple and delicious, no fancy fruit flavours, just letting the apples do the talking and so Hardcore Cider was born... 




Perfect enjoyed overlooking the vineyard as the sun goes down!

“Sundowners” is a homage to the Tamworth pigs that we used to keep here. We had many interesting adventures with what can only be described as the best escape artists in the business. They were a brilliant laugh and their favourite time of the day was sunset in the orchard after the apple harvest when they were allowed to hoover up all the left over apples to get a little tipsy… very entertaining, so here’s to them!

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